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This site was created in July 2003 and is not affiliated with ABC, Hat Trick Productions, Warner Bros, or the stars of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Any emails that you send from this site will not be seen by any of the people or companies above.

After you have participated in any one or all of our "Whose Line?" on DVD campaigns you can still help in other ways. Though it's not required, it is encouraged that you help get the word out about this site and our activities. The following are just a few possible methods of spreading the word:

-  Have friends, family, or co-workers that enjoy
   watching the show? Tell them to check out this
   site & consider participating in our campaigns.
-  If you are a member of a WLiiA discussion
   board, group, or any other online community,
   let your fellow members know about this site.
-  Send a message or give a call to your local
   radio stations and/or newspapers.
-  If you have a "Whose Line is it Anyway?" website or a website dedicated to any of its cast
   members, please post a small notice about the show's uncertain future & our efforts to try to save it
   from possible cancellation. You may also use any of the following banners: