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Postcard Designs
Our postcard campaign is the quickest way to show your support for "Whose Line is it Anyway?" on DVD through regular mail. Because letters may not always get to their destinaton, postcards are the easiest and most convenient way for both the fans & Warner Bros. when using "snail mail." As soon as they see your postcard, they'll know its part of the WLiiA on DVD campaign and that you are showing support for more WLiiA season sets. Also, you can even write a short message on the back saying why all 200+ episodes of the show should be put out on DVD. Of course, participating in as many of our campaigns as possible will be the most effective way to get our voices heard, but even one will make a difference.
To send a "Whose Line?" on DVD postcard, follow the following

1.)  Look at our selection of postcard designs and choose which one you would like to send.
2.)  Once the postcard's popup window has opened, click 'File,' then 'Print' or 'Print Page.' Make sure you are printing on light colored card stock. Regular computer paper will not be accepted by the postal service.
3.)  After the postcard has finished printing, open the back side of the postcard below.
4.)  Turn the card stock you printed on around and place it in your printer so it will print on the other side and will end up being aligned with what you have already done.  Click 'File' & 'Print.'
5.)  When printing has been completed, it is encouraged that you write a short message to Warner Brothers explaining why you want WLiiA on DVD on the back side in the space provided along with your return address. This step is not required.
6.)  Place a stamp in the labeled area and send it out! The address has already been provided on the back of the card.
FRONT: Postcard #1         FRONT: Postcard #2
BACK: To Warner Home Video
Postcards should be 6 1/8 inches x 3 7/8 inches. If you have questions or technical problems, contact me below.

If you have a moment after sending your postcard to Warner Brothers, please remember to visit the forum and let us know about your participation. Thanks for supporting "Whose Line is it Anyway?" on DVD Campaign Central!